A customer in the Midwest needed a high volume, short-term project that required cold heading to support their operations. The engineering specs called for parts made from C1010 steel, plain finish, to be used in gas cylinders. The bodies measured over all Ø.963” x 1.144” in length and had to meet tolerances of ±.005, ±1° along with a circular runout of .010” max. The customer provided the engineering prints and the raw material, a tool and die company supplied the tooling on behalf of the customer and we manufactured the parts.
This project demanded a high volume that was achieved by using two cold headers 750 National, 5 dies. We maintained all the customer’s specifications, including the washing process, recipes, methods and equipment. Our high-speed capability allowed us to produce 7 million parts while meeting all customer’s expectations including quality, on-time delivery, scheduling, tooling inventory, reporting and communication between all interested parties.
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Product name

Main valve housing blank.

Product description

Blank out of cold header.

Applied process

Cold forming of blank body to print specifications.

Equipment used

Two cold headers 750 National, 5 dies.

Overall part dimensions

Ø.963” x 1.144” long.

Tightest tolerances

±.005; ±1°

Material used

C1010 Steel

Material finish

Plain with rust inhibitor

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional inspection and QA certification

Industry for use

Gas cylinders



Delivery location

Midwest United States

Standards met

Customer supplied engineering specifications

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